About Snake Vape

If you are a vaper, you will know that there are loads of various items that are required to ensure that your vaping experience is the best it can possibly be.

Whether that is stock coils that fit into your starter kit or tank, coil building accessories for those that are looking to create their own or even batteries and chargers, we have them all.

Take a look at our growing collection of vaping accessories and see whether we have something that could take your vaping experience to the next level.

Created in 2015, we began trading after making the cross over from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes and successfully being able to not only reduce the number of cigarettes that we were smoking but completely stop smoking and instead become part of the growing vaping community.

We understand that is can be hard to stop smoking on will power alone and that is why we ensure that every product or item that we offer on SnakeVape.co.uk is of the highest quality, giving you the best value for your money while also keeping you on the road to a non-smoking lifestyle.

Starting out with a number of the smaller, less expensive e-cigarettes that are available in most petrol stations and suitable retailers, we quickly realised that in order to ensure that we were going to be able to stick with the vaping mentality, we needed to source the highest quality equipment and e-liquids to aid us on our battle.

This has lead to us not only becoming well practised in vaping but also continuing our learning on a daily basis, giving our customers a valuable asset of knowledge and information on which they too can learn from and better their health through a successful cross over to vaping from traditional cigarettes.


Snake Vape Brands and Suppliers

Our mission is to become the leading UK based e-liquid retailer in the world and that means that we know that the products and items that we provide on our website need to be the best that the market has to offer.

Because of that, we have opted against creating our own brand of e-liquids and juices and instead we have dedicated our time into sourcing the biggest brands and premium juices, with a firm stance to showcase the high quality smaller brands that seem to have been overlooked by others.

As part of the vaping community ourselves, we realise that you want the best that you can get to enhance your vaping experience and that is why we only vendor products that we do or have tried and used ourselves to ensure that we can stand by their reputation before selling.

Remember that SnakeVape.co.uk only use UK based suppliers and certified resellers of the leading brands in vapourisers and e-liquids and because of this we can assure you that you get official and genuine products, no matter what you order.